Monday 21 April 2014

My 1st Grandchild @ Star Baby 2014

Hi My Bloggers Friends!! How are you?? Just want to share I'm so overwhelmed for this wonderful day of Tuesday 4/22/2014. It's been so long not updating my Blog.... for some reason...sorry for that... And Now, my Grandchild joining this contest at Baby Company/SM Department as their Promo Titled "STAR BABY". My Grandchild joined this contest, we completed the requirements last March 31. Today it make me feel blast to seen my Apo /grandchild was included in Visayas/Mindanao. This is the website (ALISON C. TAGALOG) Please check it out for yourself,How to join, you might have qualified babies or future babies. Please Vote for my Apo/Grandchild named " ALISON C. TAGALOG" 1VOTE/email address per day up to April 25th,2014 only. for this 1st quarter. I just hope the best for my apo Baby Alison Crame-Tagalog photo entry:

Thursday 24 October 2013

Monday 23 September 2013

I feel simple & cool :)

Thank you so much for the wonderful day.
I know in writing you can express your self and what inside of you.
In writing I know it can enlighten your burdens.
I writing you will realized what is going on, and later you will understand why it was happen.

So many simple things can give you happiness... In simple writing it can help and ease,can give me simple happiness but deep.

Thank you everyone and have a blessed day!     

Sunday 22 September 2013


It's a Manic Monday .....
I do hope all as well to my co-bloggers and friends even Manic Monday..

Not only for my job,for my responsibilities as a mom and wife..But as being me. I am in anyways of difficulties in life. It's hard to say that I am okay and doing well..

It's very negative to share but in this very moment I am down and disappointed in some struggle in turbulence.Is this the real life??  I know I can make it with the help of all mighty father, but I am in the process of acceptance, to go with the flow... whatever I am facing now. So hard to accept the reality.

Sometimes in our life you did not expect even in your bad dreams the hardship in life,that comes with out warning.

I did missed to pray and be thankful for everything. But I know God has a great plan for me and to my family but still seeking the gift of wisdom.

I just hope and pray everything will be okay.


Tuesday 23 April 2013

Howdy to All?

It's been very long time not doing and updating my account. Just inspired today to give short update and make my blogs alive again.

So, how was my co-bloggers and friends here?
I hope all are doing fine and feel good always and the same time earning :)

Well for me, I am still doing good and striving more to be good and physically fit.
I'm getting in fit, from 69 kls. last July 2012 to 62 kls. to date, not so far in my ideal weight. I do Zumba Fitness everyday and Weights every other day. Also did some healthy life style and more concern on food intake specially on calories.Much more taking water as much as possible. I also meet new group of friends.

By the way Friends, I am so thankful and grateful for all who visit and interested to my blog. Knowing that my account still alive and still on air. : ) Thank you!!!

Friends, I will catch up very soon!!!

Thursday 9 August 2012

Yehheyy Weekend again!!

Hello friends !!
How was your day for the past weeks??
I hope all are going fine..I do also hope those residing in Luzon you are not so affected by the heavy rain falls for almost a week now.

Well tomorrow is another weekend for the month of August.
I am so excited for tomorrow because we have planned a gathering with my Elementary batch from Lunch to dinner time.To  reminisce our childhood to adult age hahahah...We already matured now.

The Month of August is the month of Thanksgiving from Dabawenyos people..We are celebrating Kadayawan sa Davao.Last August 01 we are already in Gun Banned for Security Safety. It was declared by our Local Government headed by Our City Mayor Sara Duterte- Carpio.

Well, next weekend is the High Light of Kadayawan sa Dabaw. We have 5 days Holiday in Davao City.
August 17 is Special Non Working Holiday for Davao City only in the Celebration of Kadayawan.We have Hiyas ng Kadayawan a Beauty and Brain Contest of our Lumad Beautiful Ladies that will promote Davao and have a good advocacy..  On Aug.18 Indak-Indak sa Kalanan contest ( Native Dance Street Contest) On Aug.19 Pamulak sa kadalanan.( Floral Float Parade Contest) as our thanksgiving for the bountiful and fruitful year for all Dabawenyos..   

5days Holiday in Davao City-
Aug.17 is Davao City Special Holiday in Celebration of Kadayawan Activities High Light.
Aug 18 is Saturday
Aug. 19 is Sunday
Aug.20 is day of End of Ramadan
Aug.21 is the day of Ninoy Aquino

To all Dabawenyos...Plan your long weekend as early as today.

TO all my friends out of Davao City.
Please join us in Our Kadayawan  sa Dabaw.


Friday 3 August 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Tomorrow Aug.4,Mr.President Obama will be turning 51st. 

Happy Birthday, Mr. President Obama!