Monday, 26 December 2011

I want flowers to brighten my day....#2

                    another set of my 2011 Dec. Arrangement ....Hope it can also make your day more bright : )
arranged by The Flower Artist

I want flowers to brighten my day....

Family of Lillium or Lily Flowers.... The Star Gazer and the plain White Colors w/ matching Eucalypthus leaves and vergatus...My 2011 Dec. arrangement offered at Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Just for you :)

A red flowers to brighten your day!
Please say if you the name of this flower..

Saturday, 12 November 2011

D' Flowergirl

1974 she started be included in Wedding Entourage..So many weddings attended as a Flower girl it can't be counted in fingers..Her Mom always thought and did teaching for marching and throwing flower petals and so many practices she did to make it perfect. In her very young age she knew on how to be a perfect in charged of flower throwing wearing a cute and sweet smile on all guest...

And her free time, this girl loves to be in the garden with her nanny she observed how to plant,weeding,watering and to take care with gentle relationship with the plants to named it ornamental,flowering or vegetables..She used to talk and sing her plants...That habit has been with her until now.. Planting and maintaining her garden make her feel stress free and relaxed. She's be happy when the air blows on her face with the warm and fragrance from her plants..She had a human and nature relationship,that she can only the one to express.

On her grade school...she used to bring flowers, fresh harvest from her garden to offered to her teacher, the only one she's expecting is the smile of her teacher who received her presents..and a bonus of saying Thank you.

One of her grade school classmate tagged her as flower lover and now the Flower girl has been  presently tagged as Flower Arranger Artist or Florist..

She is Accountancy Graduate, employed but still connected in the world of  Florist..She is Florist by nature..
And Now the Flower Girl is now Flower lady Artist...  

Next post will be Wennforever personal flowers collections and craft photos..