Sunday, 4 March 2012

A dozen of Fuchsia Pink Roses

A dozen of Fuchsia Pink Roses was delivered on our home last night for an Special Arm Bouquet.
It was really specific request by my neighbor to make it Special arrangement...I thought the Bouquet will be given to a Birthday celebrant, But when I asked her again...It is an order of a  Married Man for a Wedding Anniversary and be given to his Wonderful Wife.. It so nice to make a Bouquet for a woman who also like me.. I did it very special with Curly golden twigs and 3 angels hanging on, wrapped by special materials.Today is their Wedding Anniversary and early this morning they pick up the crafts I made..

                                                    :) Have a nice and wonderful  Monday!!!


  1. That's really sweet and you're very nice to do that for him. Happy anniversary to you neighbor!

    1. Thanks for visiting Michael.. Thank u also for greetings!

  2. Followers number 7 ... Nice Blog

    1. Thank You Sundul for being my follower and nice comment :)


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