Saturday, 5 May 2012

Shoes - shoes and sandals

BEFORE - Shoes and Sandals on boxes. 
AFTER: Shoes & Sandals -Hanging 
Stuff  for  cleaning and refreshing
Photo of  my shoes and sandals... Lately I set a hanger for my shoes that I can easily match and search my good pair of shoes.Alike before that it was stocks on boxes, it hard to find the one your looking for match on what your clothes.My hanger shoes was made by my brilliant idea :) ;) and I also buy the materials for that shoes organizer. hope I can share to you my shoes Organizer..

This month in our company we are starting using our new set of company uniform and we have guidelines and samples for foot wears that appropriate in the corporate office image..And sad to say some of my fave and comfortable shoes is not qualified.Well may foot was very healthy and had some problem and discomforts due to ingrown.That why I have some shoes only once or twice used because I cannot stand and stay long to wear the shoes that my feet is aching and suffering pain..very uncomfortable..But I have to follow the guidelines..Will find again a new set of shoes for this new set of company uniform. Cause some of my old pairs was been already retired on my healthy feet :)