Tuesday, 19 June 2012

School Uniform

Last night, I sleep at very late, compared to my regular time of going to bed. I was rushed by my daughter to sew her skirt in School Uniform that newly made. The length was more than 4.5 inches below the knee and the specified by the School prescription it should be 2inches below the knee no more no less.  We are planning to return to the dress maker this coming weekend. But need it to be rush because my daughter would like to wear it today. So, I did sewing it after taking our dinner even feeling tired and my body is craving to rest.

My daughter as College Freshmen was so eager to wear her new Uniform even we had a grace period until June 30.Because yesterday they are encourage one of their Instructor to wear their Uniform and  they will receive additional points in the quiz or they will receive merit. So, Mommy Weng’s  on the act immediately for child’s request .

Sometimes we are not making action now because we had more time given “Grace period”. But not thinking of other option and advantages. Sample of Advantages my child will not anymore spent time looking and preparing a night before for what to dress on the next day. And will fit and match her dresses and match shoes or sandals. If she will wear her School Uniform will it more effortless in terms of time preparations and so on. So, I learned a lesson here…If we can do it now, Do it now! And if you can wear it now, wear it now! No Delays