Thursday, 9 August 2012

Yehheyy Weekend again!!

Hello friends !!
How was your day for the past weeks??
I hope all are going fine..I do also hope those residing in Luzon you are not so affected by the heavy rain falls for almost a week now.

Well tomorrow is another weekend for the month of August.
I am so excited for tomorrow because we have planned a gathering with my Elementary batch from Lunch to dinner time.To  reminisce our childhood to adult age hahahah...We already matured now.

The Month of August is the month of Thanksgiving from Dabawenyos people..We are celebrating Kadayawan sa Davao.Last August 01 we are already in Gun Banned for Security Safety. It was declared by our Local Government headed by Our City Mayor Sara Duterte- Carpio.

Well, next weekend is the High Light of Kadayawan sa Dabaw. We have 5 days Holiday in Davao City.
August 17 is Special Non Working Holiday for Davao City only in the Celebration of Kadayawan.We have Hiyas ng Kadayawan a Beauty and Brain Contest of our Lumad Beautiful Ladies that will promote Davao and have a good advocacy..  On Aug.18 Indak-Indak sa Kalanan contest ( Native Dance Street Contest) On Aug.19 Pamulak sa kadalanan.( Floral Float Parade Contest) as our thanksgiving for the bountiful and fruitful year for all Dabawenyos..   

5days Holiday in Davao City-
Aug.17 is Davao City Special Holiday in Celebration of Kadayawan Activities High Light.
Aug 18 is Saturday
Aug. 19 is Sunday
Aug.20 is day of End of Ramadan
Aug.21 is the day of Ninoy Aquino

To all Dabawenyos...Plan your long weekend as early as today.

TO all my friends out of Davao City.
Please join us in Our Kadayawan  sa Dabaw.


Friday, 3 August 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Tomorrow Aug.4,Mr.President Obama will be turning 51st. 

Happy Birthday, Mr. President Obama!


WWW from my BFF

Hi Friends!
It's first friday today in the month of August.
I can't stop myself But I would like to express my happiness here.

I received a cute stuff  of WWW ( What Women Want) from my Best friend since 1985...We are in 27 years BFF.. Her  named is Joan. She did surprised me today.She texted me that she left something with our Office Lobby Guard..She dropped the 2pairs of cute earings placed in SM packaging and the funny thing she did not removed the price tag..he he he..maybe she will collect me after ha ha ha

That's my pretty Joan simple yet very thoughtful even in No Occassion she will give me something to brighten more my day.Thank You Lord for giving me Joan in my life.
Even we did not meet frequently but the friendship still the same as we are always constantly meet.Because we can update our life in short talk but quality talk.Even our eyes can speak and express our feelings if there's anyone around us.And I know everyone of you had a friend like her. And that's What Women Wants:) WWW

Happy weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm in Love ......

Hi my friends in the Blog world.. I know I am not so lucky in blogging :) But still I'm going and still doing and as much as I can I did my best of updating my blog accounts. But in the other side, I'm lucky because I knowing people here and I do appreciates of your accounts and I'm gaining more my friends...I know you really Love doing your Blogs...not only because your are earning but you are doing your blogs by Love..

Just like me I am doing also my flower arrangements because I am in love with Flowers.:)
Flower arrangement is not doing for work or earning but doing it because I love flowers and loving art and crafts. 

Have a Good wednesday and Happy 1st day of August....Bye, Bye July 2012 :)

Monday, 2 July 2012

United Nation--Declared March 20 International day of Happiness

This week I used to hear music in bed before resting, I fell relaxed and have a good sleep-I’m just using my mobile phone and headphone to not disturbing my husband resting time. 

Last night I heard in local radio station that United Nations made and declared 3 days ago The New International Holiday – The Intenational Day of Happiness which falls on every 20th of March. According to radio station we are encourage to observe and join fun to celebrate and to be happy on March 20th he he he.. He also stated a Bible Verse from Proverbs 17:22. A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries.  

Just want to share to you that this is only one day UN obliged  to be happy on March 20 like Independence Day.But, God giving us the choice to be happy everyday and every minute of our lives. It is our choice. Don’t wait for March 20. Be happy everyday and  always !!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

School Uniform

Last night, I sleep at very late, compared to my regular time of going to bed. I was rushed by my daughter to sew her skirt in School Uniform that newly made. The length was more than 4.5 inches below the knee and the specified by the School prescription it should be 2inches below the knee no more no less.  We are planning to return to the dress maker this coming weekend. But need it to be rush because my daughter would like to wear it today. So, I did sewing it after taking our dinner even feeling tired and my body is craving to rest.

My daughter as College Freshmen was so eager to wear her new Uniform even we had a grace period until June 30.Because yesterday they are encourage one of their Instructor to wear their Uniform and  they will receive additional points in the quiz or they will receive merit. So, Mommy Weng’s  on the act immediately for child’s request .

Sometimes we are not making action now because we had more time given “Grace period”. But not thinking of other option and advantages. Sample of Advantages my child will not anymore spent time looking and preparing a night before for what to dress on the next day. And will fit and match her dresses and match shoes or sandals. If she will wear her School Uniform will it more effortless in terms of time preparations and so on. So, I learned a lesson here…If we can do it now, Do it now! And if you can wear it now, wear it now! No Delays 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Shoes - shoes and sandals

BEFORE - Shoes and Sandals on boxes. 
AFTER: Shoes & Sandals -Hanging 
Stuff  for  cleaning and refreshing
Photo of  my shoes and sandals... Lately I set a hanger for my shoes that I can easily match and search my good pair of shoes.Alike before that it was stocks on boxes, it hard to find the one your looking for match on what your clothes.My hanger shoes was made by my brilliant idea :) ;) and I also buy the materials for that shoes organizer. hope I can share to you my shoes Organizer..

This month in our company we are starting using our new set of company uniform and we have guidelines and samples for foot wears that appropriate in the corporate office image..And sad to say some of my fave and comfortable shoes is not qualified.Well may foot was very healthy and had some problem and discomforts due to ingrown.That why I have some shoes only once or twice used because I cannot stand and stay long to wear the shoes that my feet is aching and suffering pain..very uncomfortable..But I have to follow the guidelines..Will find again a new set of shoes for this new set of company uniform. Cause some of my old pairs was been already retired on my healthy feet :)    

Thursday, 26 April 2012

My 4 Amazing Blogsites :)

Hello my Friends and Visitors!!

I think, most of you wonder about my 4 accounts or 4 Blogs…. J 
Now you will know ....
These 4 blogs was made due to my unknowing in the world of blogging or lack of knowledge, I admit…. JJ J
 My first and original blog account is
“ The Life in every moment” I expressed what’s on my mind and thoughts. I considered as my Daily diary…

But one time, I am planning to post another “Post “ but was click the  New Blog again unknowing I made New post  in a  “New Blog ” Titled “ The Blood Donor” I want to share about the Life of being Blood Donor and people who need your blood, like my Special Friend who already at heaven.  

And my 3rd one is “The Flowergirl Artist”  I want to share my life as an Artist or flower arranger.. and other related to my crafts.
And the 4th one is “Flowergirl Crafts” I want to share my designs and my personal touch of nature.

Hence, I did not know that New Post and New Blog is different.. JJJ
And soon I made some other topics posted in New Post not on New Blog.. I already know now what ‘s the difference between the two. J
 When I told and share to my friend that I did 4 blogs…She was amazed and that I did 4 blogs in the same time.. I Just did and smiled … But later on I realized that New Post and new Blog is different.. Now you know how stupid I am hahahaha.
Well, in the first place I feel sad cause I’m not so positive that I can make it cause I am new in blog world.. Sad, but don’t have any regrets , Cause I did my very best to make it updated and well maintained. Well as can you see..It really works!
If you can hit me, you can have my support through my 4 Blogs.
Now you know..Being stupid sometimes have a great and fruitful favor.
So enjoy viewing my  4 blogs:
The Life in every moment –
The Flowergirl Artist-
Flowergirl Crafts-
Good Luck to all Bloggers and Advertisers!!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Prayer of an Artist

This Prayer was given to me on my 41st Birthday Thank you to Manong Danny & Ma'am Toto Leyson .I just wanted it to be post here to remind me always this wonderful Prayer for an Artist...and I want to share this not only for the artist but to all of my friends and co-bloggers.I beleive we are individually made by God being his instrument and an artist not on profession but we are made to be an artist to our self and to everyone.. Have a blessed day.


Almighty God,you are the Divine Artist
I come to you with complete humility.
I thank you for the talent you lent me. 
I thank you for the skill that you made me learn.
I thank you for the vision of art that you made me see.

And most of all, I thank you for the gift of life you have entrusted to me.

Heavenly Father,please continue to enlighten me,with pure and modest ideas.

Please help me share this talent to others,take my hand and guide me to draw and create beautiful things;
hold me and let me see more of those wonderful scenes to photograph; touch and inspire me to design with
fresh ideas so others can see; and feel your goodness through my work of art; deliver me from evil works and guide me to the right path.

Dear God, as an artist, I turn myself to you through my projects and ideas, let me be your instrument to spread your Holy name all these for you and your Son Jesus Crist our Lord.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday's errands

This morning me and my daughter,prepared everything for her new level in education..We goes to her new School in College after doing our house chores.We went there after taking our lunch and thanks God we finished everything less than 2 hours and we got home earlier.

I just remembered my College time of enrollment, I need to fall in line that make me tramatic everytime enrollment is on going.. In University I take up my Accounting course..I experienced the systemwas like a roller coaster..I think all of us experienced the hardship in college..Specially we dont have our parents for us to take all the requirements and escorted us to University..

I told my daughter that College is the starting point of being independent and responsible of everything. New life and new environment and very open of all kind of people.

There's no hardship that cannot be cross throughif your desposition and  your goal is for your own good and green pasture, Go go to Goal!    I just hope my daughter can make it ,same as I did..I did it because God granted all my prayers and wishes.With out God I am Nothing.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

North Korea's Missile Launch

In the past few days all the TV News and Article on News papers Missile Launch is all in Tabloids and talk of the country and give International alarm..
All people are alarmed on this Rocket Launch. In the first place, I really don't know what is the Missile can give us advantage or disadvantages.. On personal thoughts as I what I heard in part  of Mindanao had already badly affected on this launching..Fisher or sailor No fishing or sail on due to some falling parts of the missile.. And Now the Government Officers lifted the advisory of on No fly zone and can do now  fishing and sail. But still waiting for the North Korea's schedule and final advisory.
So far I did not foresee yet the advantages on this Missile. This is only my own opinion and thoughts.
Would you like to give some of your thoughts on this North Korea's Missile Launch...... Do write here.   

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Indonesian Friends!!

Just heard now on late night  TV news that Sumatra, Indonesia experienced with 8.6 Magnitude.Hope Indonesian was already safe and already secured.My Friends from Indonesia be safe always with God's graces.Hold on your faith and prayers...

Wish for today,Comes true!

I have simple thoughts and wish today....just now it was fulfilled..I got and reach to 50 followers and bonus  of 1 follower..I want to thank you all of you my followers and supporters..I am so happy and delighted much.

I know it's hard to reach those bloggers who have already lots,lots of supporters and followers.I wish more for that and stay be positive.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Happy Easter and Happy new hope in life...
:) Have a nice day!!!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Holland Roses White and Solo Red

Raw materials for Graduation offering,
Holland roses variety but locally grown in the Davao City, Philippines.

:) Have a nice day!!!
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Gerbera Daisies

my raw materials,ordered for graduation garlands
:) Have a nice day!!!Gerbera Daisies assorted colors.
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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Flowergirl's Craft No.2

My personal craft design ordered for Birthday present..
Ordered by son and daughter, for a surprised Birthday celebration of a Loving Mother named Mrs. Ocon.

The Flowergirl Artist and her craft.
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41 years in this world

Many friends thoughts that age does not matter.

And age won't kill you!

For me, Age is a gift.

We have so many thoughts and meanings about the years we spent in this world.

Years on staying no matter what and where we are belong.

Last March 27 the Flowergirl Artist turns' 41 years old..
Hope you will not check my personal appearance soon after you read this post. LOL.

Well, I am very proud of my years in this world.

And so Thankful for my parents who carried me here.
And thankful for all the people around me..Including you.(who is reading this :)

I am so positive that everyone in this world has a big mission and instrument to each in everyone.

Hope you will join for me to celebrate life to the fullest!!

Agree and Join me!!!

:) Have a nice day!!!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Floral Tubes

I made this tagged using Floral Tubes..

Floral tubes or Water tubes a material uses of preserving the flower to stay long shelf of life..

Uses to make cut flowers stay beautiful and fresh.

It is commonly use in Roses,Carnation and Gerbera Daisies and so many flowers to name.
:) Have a nice day!!!
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Graduation and School activities

The last time I posted about my preparation on my daughter's Graduation and her School activities.

Thank you God!! We are done on my daughter's High school. We have 4 to 5years more with God's grace on my daughter,she will be done on her schooling..Hopefully on year 2016 or 2017.

I know all parents, only have one great wish to their children, to finish in college and have a great field of job and green pasture.

Me and my hubby don't have any wealth to inherit to our daughter..Only her education is our most gift to her.

We are so thankful to Almighty God that he provides everything we need through out this years.

In terms of schooling, I remembered my school days..

I considered myself as survivor..I finished my college in my own survival as a self supporting student.
I worked in day time and I goes to school in the evening. It was not so easy..Because aside of being a self supporting student I am also obliged to support my family specially my sisters and brothers.But sad to say I am only the one who graduated in college..

My life was not so easy because I'm the eldest of  5 siblings.

But my other siblings now, They have already their own family and children..And we are all happy and contented of what our creator provides.I know God will never give up on supporting us, He knows what is good and what we deserve from his graces..

Thank you to all who supported me and visit my site..

:) Have a nice weekend!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Last week I feel lazy and no thoughts to write here.. I was so busy with my daughter's graduation rite preparations and graduation ball dress for this week..As a mother I know how it hard to balance everything for being a mother,wife and career woman. I have no complain but I need more to balance everything that sometimes I also had time for myself.Which is the more important myself. How can I be more productive and effective mother,wife and career woman If I don't have time for myself..Being your self pampered and relax the more you will be feel the need of people around you..For me If I am happy and contented...the more I can share something within me..not only material things but a inner happiness

 :) Have a nice day!!!

March 19, countdown

Today is another day , A week, and a  Monday in the month of March..I will start my countdown again for my personal new year..It's 8days to go before my special day..Can you Guess what and when??

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The pot tackles the misery

The pot tackles the misery.

When we say Pot there is so many meanings and substance in this word or term. Pot is other term of marijuana that most often called by our old man. Pot it could lead to more harmful substances, like alcohol that can destroy one health. The pot tackles the misery.

As an individual and born in 70’s I know the other term on this. That was commonly called weed which makes your senses double. Often times it will also bring one individual to be misery. Person who’s already in this pot will also encourage other friends to take this and their life will become miserable. Some countries had a big problem on pot. It will cause their youngster become addicted and not in the right path. Then, The pot tackles the misery. On their population, individual and as well as the most their country.    

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fuchsia Roses

The Flowergirl Artist and a dozen of Fuchsia Roses.

 Have a wonderful day!!!


Everyday is a Gift.
A Gift that will give you Life and Happiness.
 Have a nice Wednesday Blogger Friends!!!
Greetings from:
The Flowergirl Artist

Monday, 12 March 2012

Happy Monday!

Most of people,specially working and students the Monday is the very lazy day,We want more the weekends to be extended..I think you also feel the same.. 

Like me as a working mom from Monday to Friday, then every Saturday will be finish everything the household chores that are seemingly endless and my garden that I really don't want to be taken for granted, I will do all of that in whole day on Saturdays.. And as we practice Sunday is our Family day, we usually do attend Holy Mass and we will dine any where to celebrate the Sunday that family were complete. 

And Today as Monday I felt drained and tired..But trying to be job on duty.And want to take an early rest this evening.

I hope I can update,be connected and to visit my friends in blogs very soon.  

I hope everybody still have a Happy Monday!!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Nice weekend

:) Have a nice weekend to everyone!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Happy International Women's day to all !!

International Women's Day

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

International Women's Day (IWD), originally
called International Working Women’s Day
is marked on March 8 every year.
[1] In different regions the focus of the celebrations 
ranges from general celebration of respect, 
appreciation and love towards women to
a celebration for women's economic, 
political and social achievements. 

Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday 
blended in the culture of many countries, primarily 
Eastern EuropeRussia, and the former 
Soviet bloc. In many regions, the day lost its political flavour, 
and became simply an occasion 
for men to express their love for women in a way
somewhat similar to a mixture ofMother's Day 
and St Valentine's Day. In other regions, however,
the original political and human rights theme
designated by the United Nations runs strong, 
and political and social awareness of the struggles
of women worldwide are brought out and examined 
in a hopeful manner.

Happy International Women's day to all over the world!!!!

Chrysanthemums & The Artist

The Flowergirl Artist  and  her crafts using Chrysanthemums
often called mums or chrysanths, are of the genus (Chrysanthemum) constituting approximately 30 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Asteraceaewhich is native to Asia and northeastern Europe

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A dozen of Fuchsia Pink Roses

A dozen of Fuchsia Pink Roses was delivered on our home last night for an Special Arm Bouquet.
It was really specific request by my neighbor to make it Special arrangement...I thought the Bouquet will be given to a Birthday celebrant, But when I asked her again...It is an order of a  Married Man for a Wedding Anniversary and be given to his Wonderful Wife.. It so nice to make a Bouquet for a woman who also like me.. I did it very special with Curly golden twigs and 3 angels hanging on, wrapped by special materials.Today is their Wedding Anniversary and early this morning they pick up the crafts I made..

                                                    :) Have a nice and wonderful  Monday!!!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Flowergirl Artist: 4 Days to Go!

The Flowergirl Artist:

4 Days to Go for the Valentine's Day!!!

What is your thoughts, plans and events??

4 Days to Go!

Everywhere you can see the Valentine's day Promos, Mall on Sale, Concerts, Schedule for gatherings...
Shape Heart  u can also see as sign of Valentine and most of it LOVE is in the air ..

In my younger years look back in 70's and 80's Valentine's day ,I observed only lovers and engaged are celebrating...not so in married couple...that's only my observation and opinion.

But on 90's and up to present the Valentine's day are celebrated by all people...not only lovers but kids to parents..grandparents,friends and family members...Thanks to Love endorsements and public encouragement to show love not only on Valentine's day but everyday..Love your neighbor as you Love your self as what God's message to us.We are not afraid to express our love and feelings and that's a positive attitude..

it's 4 days to have enough time to plan on your Valentine's day with your love ones.

Please  do share your celebration...

:) Have a nice day and looking forward for the V- day!!!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

5 days to go!!!

It's 5days to go for Valentine's day...
Do I sound excited?? Yes, Excited to do my flower arrangements for special loveones.
I will make special arrangement ordered by very thoughtful man to his wife..It's every year he will order!!
Thank's God there is still many that very thoughtful to their wife..:))

Valentine's Day!!!

I can feel  the pressure in preparations and scheduling of flower deliveries and other materials to gather for Valentine's day!! But also excited to see the outcome..Unique craft and creativity.... I hope I can express more ideas and originality of my flower arrangements...Love, love to do my flower arrangements very soon...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hearts Day

February is hearts month..
So, Valentine's day is fast approaching.
As floral artist, am looking forward to see more variety and colorful flowers in the farms and my buying areas..

I love to see colorful roses..

I have some friends,co- employees and even my Boss turns as my personal clients or customer in my Passion-flower arrangements..

And now, I'm started composing and almost complete my raw materials for the Special Hearts day on Feb14...

I am looking forward in my personal touch and creativity this coming Feb.13 & 14...

Hope to share my Floral Designs Photos next week...

God Bless everyone and Happy Hearts month..  

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Flowers for Mama Mary

                  I am more inspired to my crafts, specially it will be offered to Mama Mary... 04.21.11

Flowers for Offering w/ the artist

                                                                       Floral Artist is busy :)

Chapel Flower Arrangements 12.22.11

 Red Anthuriums for Chapel Flower Arrangements ... 
arranged by The Flowergirl

Flower Arrangement for Simbang Gabi

                                              My Arrangement 2011 Dec. 22 for Simbang Gabi .....

Florist on work #1

The making of Arm Bouquet for Special Friend's B-day