Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Howdy to All?

It's been very long time not doing and updating my account. Just inspired today to give short update and make my blogs alive again.

So, how was my co-bloggers and friends here?
I hope all are doing fine and feel good always and the same time earning :)

Well for me, I am still doing good and striving more to be good and physically fit.
I'm getting in fit, from 69 kls. last July 2012 to 62 kls. to date, not so far in my ideal weight. I do Zumba Fitness everyday and Weights every other day. Also did some healthy life style and more concern on food intake specially on calories.Much more taking water as much as possible. I also meet new group of friends.

By the way Friends, I am so thankful and grateful for all who visit and interested to my blog. Knowing that my account still alive and still on air. : ) Thank you!!!

Friends, I will catch up very soon!!!