Monday, 2 July 2012

United Nation--Declared March 20 International day of Happiness

This week I used to hear music in bed before resting, I fell relaxed and have a good sleep-I’m just using my mobile phone and headphone to not disturbing my husband resting time. 

Last night I heard in local radio station that United Nations made and declared 3 days ago The New International Holiday – The Intenational Day of Happiness which falls on every 20th of March. According to radio station we are encourage to observe and join fun to celebrate and to be happy on March 20th he he he.. He also stated a Bible Verse from Proverbs 17:22. A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries.  

Just want to share to you that this is only one day UN obliged  to be happy on March 20 like Independence Day.But, God giving us the choice to be happy everyday and every minute of our lives. It is our choice. Don’t wait for March 20. Be happy everyday and  always !!!


  1. ha ha I found that holiday as funny! We should be happy anytime of the year not only for a day :)

    You have one good site here. I followed you in GFC I'm # 86. Hope that you would follow me back thanks.

    1. Hi Lucky Blog!!

      Thank you for following..I did.
      Glad to know u have New Blog.
      Good Luck and more ideas share ..
      Thank u also coz I am one of your lucky friend blogger.Be happy always.

  2. I've just known about this international day of happiness.
    Thanks for dropping by; let's be happy every day :)

    1. Yes Lina@Happy family,
      Let's be Happy everyday :))

  3. Yea everyone should be happy all year round! Especially you with an amazing job as a floral artist which is something you must really love and enjoy doing. My dad also has this cousin who's now in Manila managing a very successful flower shop just like you. So can I ask if peonies would also be available in the Philippines or are those flowers only in cold countries?


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