Thursday, 9 February 2012

4 Days to Go!

Everywhere you can see the Valentine's day Promos, Mall on Sale, Concerts, Schedule for gatherings...
Shape Heart  u can also see as sign of Valentine and most of it LOVE is in the air ..

In my younger years look back in 70's and 80's Valentine's day ,I observed only lovers and engaged are celebrating...not so in married couple...that's only my observation and opinion.

But on 90's and up to present the Valentine's day are celebrated by all people...not only lovers but kids to parents..grandparents,friends and family members...Thanks to Love endorsements and public encouragement to show love not only on Valentine's day but everyday..Love your neighbor as you Love your self as what God's message to us.We are not afraid to express our love and feelings and that's a positive attitude..

it's 4 days to have enough time to plan on your Valentine's day with your love ones.

Please  do share your celebration...

:) Have a nice day and looking forward for the V- day!!!

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  1. hello world. it'szzz friday. good AFTERNOON! link me back please. thanks...added you DONE. have fun!


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