Thursday, 12 April 2012

North Korea's Missile Launch

In the past few days all the TV News and Article on News papers Missile Launch is all in Tabloids and talk of the country and give International alarm..
All people are alarmed on this Rocket Launch. In the first place, I really don't know what is the Missile can give us advantage or disadvantages.. On personal thoughts as I what I heard in part  of Mindanao had already badly affected on this launching..Fisher or sailor No fishing or sail on due to some falling parts of the missile.. And Now the Government Officers lifted the advisory of on No fly zone and can do now  fishing and sail. But still waiting for the North Korea's schedule and final advisory.
So far I did not foresee yet the advantages on this Missile. This is only my own opinion and thoughts.
Would you like to give some of your thoughts on this North Korea's Missile Launch...... Do write here.   


  1. thanks for this article, visit me

  2. As of this morning I heard from the news that this launch failed when the rocket broke up shortly. So, thanks God!

  3. This launch, of course, is a swagger move by tubby, 20-something leader Kim Jong-Un. And predictably the international community soundly condemned the missile launch plans and suggested if the country didn't back down, sanctions, censure, and serious international scolding would commence.Good that they failed...

    1. Thank you my friend Roffe!
      God is so good all the time.
      And Thanks for this information.

      Have a blessed sunday .


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