Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Prayer of an Artist

This Prayer was given to me on my 41st Birthday Thank you to Manong Danny & Ma'am Toto Leyson .I just wanted it to be post here to remind me always this wonderful Prayer for an Artist...and I want to share this not only for the artist but to all of my friends and co-bloggers.I beleive we are individually made by God being his instrument and an artist not on profession but we are made to be an artist to our self and to everyone.. Have a blessed day.


Almighty God,you are the Divine Artist
I come to you with complete humility.
I thank you for the talent you lent me. 
I thank you for the skill that you made me learn.
I thank you for the vision of art that you made me see.

And most of all, I thank you for the gift of life you have entrusted to me.

Heavenly Father,please continue to enlighten me,with pure and modest ideas.

Please help me share this talent to others,take my hand and guide me to draw and create beautiful things;
hold me and let me see more of those wonderful scenes to photograph; touch and inspire me to design with
fresh ideas so others can see; and feel your goodness through my work of art; deliver me from evil works and guide me to the right path.

Dear God, as an artist, I turn myself to you through my projects and ideas, let me be your instrument to spread your Holy name all these for you and your Son Jesus Crist our Lord.


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