Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday's errands

This morning me and my daughter,prepared everything for her new level in education..We goes to her new School in College after doing our house chores.We went there after taking our lunch and thanks God we finished everything less than 2 hours and we got home earlier.

I just remembered my College time of enrollment, I need to fall in line that make me tramatic everytime enrollment is on going.. In University I take up my Accounting course..I experienced the systemwas like a roller coaster..I think all of us experienced the hardship in college..Specially we dont have our parents for us to take all the requirements and escorted us to University..

I told my daughter that College is the starting point of being independent and responsible of everything. New life and new environment and very open of all kind of people.

There's no hardship that cannot be cross throughif your desposition and  your goal is for your own good and green pasture, Go go to Goal!    I just hope my daughter can make it ,same as I did..I did it because God granted all my prayers and wishes.With out God I am Nothing.


  1. blognya sangat menarik sob

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    1. Hi Ilmu!

      Thank you for your visit Ilmu.
      Keep in touch

  2. yoyo~ thanks for the visits~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

    1. Hi Mr.Lonely!
      Good to hear you are here at my site.
      Thank you so much.

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    1. Thank You Karga!

      I ma happy that you are here..

  4. Yes .. I also agree that the College is a starting point to be independent and responsible of everything......

    1. Thanks for always following and reading my post my friend Harunar..

      You can really relate my post and thoughts.

      Thank you so much for that Harun!

  5. lovely blog. Do you want to follow each other darling? XoXo

    1. Sure Ms.Loana-Carmen!!
      It's my pleasure...If we can make it full support, I am more greatful..Just let me know.

      Thanks and regards to you xoxo

  6. "College is the starting point of being independent and responsible of everything"...that's right

  7. Yes, College is the formal training field of individuals in preparations for the real world in terms of career.

    Thank You, my friend Hariyano!


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