Thursday, 29 March 2012

41 years in this world

Many friends thoughts that age does not matter.

And age won't kill you!

For me, Age is a gift.

We have so many thoughts and meanings about the years we spent in this world.

Years on staying no matter what and where we are belong.

Last March 27 the Flowergirl Artist turns' 41 years old..
Hope you will not check my personal appearance soon after you read this post. LOL.

Well, I am very proud of my years in this world.

And so Thankful for my parents who carried me here.
And thankful for all the people around me..Including you.(who is reading this :)

I am so positive that everyone in this world has a big mission and instrument to each in everyone.

Hope you will join for me to celebrate life to the fullest!!

Agree and Join me!!!

:) Have a nice day!!!

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