Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The pot tackles the misery

The pot tackles the misery.

When we say Pot there is so many meanings and substance in this word or term. Pot is other term of marijuana that most often called by our old man. Pot it could lead to more harmful substances, like alcohol that can destroy one health. The pot tackles the misery.

As an individual and born in 70’s I know the other term on this. That was commonly called weed which makes your senses double. Often times it will also bring one individual to be misery. Person who’s already in this pot will also encourage other friends to take this and their life will become miserable. Some countries had a big problem on pot. It will cause their youngster become addicted and not in the right path. Then, The pot tackles the misery. On their population, individual and as well as the most their country.    


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