Sunday, 18 March 2012


Last week I feel lazy and no thoughts to write here.. I was so busy with my daughter's graduation rite preparations and graduation ball dress for this week..As a mother I know how it hard to balance everything for being a mother,wife and career woman. I have no complain but I need more to balance everything that sometimes I also had time for myself.Which is the more important myself. How can I be more productive and effective mother,wife and career woman If I don't have time for myself..Being your self pampered and relax the more you will be feel the need of people around you..For me If I am happy and contented...the more I can share something within me..not only material things but a inner happiness

 :) Have a nice day!!!


  1. congratulations on graduation will face fellow
    Have a nice day.

    1. Thank You M Taufik!

      Have a great weekend to you!!

  2. Great day to all... Visiting you again is a pleasure.

    1. Thank You CArpet cleaning Melbourne..

      Hope you can pose your photo soon..


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