Saturday, 24 March 2012

Graduation and School activities

The last time I posted about my preparation on my daughter's Graduation and her School activities.

Thank you God!! We are done on my daughter's High school. We have 4 to 5years more with God's grace on my daughter,she will be done on her schooling..Hopefully on year 2016 or 2017.

I know all parents, only have one great wish to their children, to finish in college and have a great field of job and green pasture.

Me and my hubby don't have any wealth to inherit to our daughter..Only her education is our most gift to her.

We are so thankful to Almighty God that he provides everything we need through out this years.

In terms of schooling, I remembered my school days..

I considered myself as survivor..I finished my college in my own survival as a self supporting student.
I worked in day time and I goes to school in the evening. It was not so easy..Because aside of being a self supporting student I am also obliged to support my family specially my sisters and brothers.But sad to say I am only the one who graduated in college..

My life was not so easy because I'm the eldest of  5 siblings.

But my other siblings now, They have already their own family and children..And we are all happy and contented of what our creator provides.I know God will never give up on supporting us, He knows what is good and what we deserve from his graces..

Thank you to all who supported me and visit my site..

:) Have a nice weekend!!!


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