Monday, 12 March 2012

Happy Monday!

Most of people,specially working and students the Monday is the very lazy day,We want more the weekends to be extended..I think you also feel the same.. 

Like me as a working mom from Monday to Friday, then every Saturday will be finish everything the household chores that are seemingly endless and my garden that I really don't want to be taken for granted, I will do all of that in whole day on Saturdays.. And as we practice Sunday is our Family day, we usually do attend Holy Mass and we will dine any where to celebrate the Sunday that family were complete. 

And Today as Monday I felt drained and tired..But trying to be job on duty.And want to take an early rest this evening.

I hope I can update,be connected and to visit my friends in blogs very soon.  

I hope everybody still have a Happy Monday!!!


  1. monday night visit you here. link me back. thanks...

  2. Nice posting, be the best,..! i like this Blog.


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